Why Jade Adams’ ‘Hailie’ necklace is a classic piece of jewelry

Posted June 09, 2018 06:53:52 Jade Adkins’ necklace, which has become a staple of her popular television show, is a tribute to the actress.

“Hailies necklace is the most iconic necklace ever created,” the designer wrote on Instagram.

“It’s a tribute and tribute to a real hollywood actress, Hailie J. Adkins.

Thank you for sharing it with me.”

The designer captioned the necklace with a photo of Adkins posing on the set of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Adkins is one of the stars of “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.”

The necklace is one that has become one of Adams most recognizable pieces.

The necklace has become such a signature of her character, Adkins wore it to the premiere of “Hails” and it became a fixture of her life.

In a tweet, Adames said: “I always had a dream of wearing a Hailie necklace but I had to ask my husband to make one.

He made it for me.

It’s such a beautiful necklace and so thoughtful.”

“Hailing” star Jaden Smith said in a tweet he wore the necklace in his “D.J.” performance.

“We got together, and I gave it to him, and he put it on and it just fit perfectly,” Smith said.

Admins at the time were thrilled by the custom.

“Jaden was so stoked.

He was wearing the necklace, he had it on, and it was just so much fun to watch him,” said a producer on the show.

“He’s always wearing a necklace like that.

It really was a gift from the creator.”

Admins were thrilled when they received the necklace.

“They made me feel like a hero.

That’s how they feel,” Adkins said.

“The fans are amazing and the show is amazing.

I’ve been lucky to have them in my life.”

Adams has worn the necklace before, as well as in “Dance with the Dragons,” “The Handmaid’s Tale” and in a new series, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The actress has also worn the jewelry on the red carpet at the “Hollywood Awards.”

Admits to wearing the item at a recent show. 

“It’s definitely a favorite of mine.

I’m not going to lie,” Adames told “Dynasty” host Diane Sawyer.

“I just put it in my purse and left it there and walked away.

I didn’t go to the red carpets, but I went to a private show.

I think that’s what they did.

I can’t really say how much I got from that.

But I’m going to keep it in a safe place.

It is very sentimental.”