The Truth About the Most Shocking and Insanely Ridiculous Fallout 3 Moments

A look back at the most shocking and insane Fallout 3 moments, in the most revealing, entertaining and disturbing ways possible.


The Dead Zone: The Dead Zones are an area in Fallout 3 that appears in the game’s main story.

There are four zones, all populated by ghouls and skeletons.

When the player enters one of these zones, they are greeted by a screen which has an animated map of the area.

A screen pops up that says, “There’s a new area!”

The player is then presented with a map of an area with a skull.

A skeleton is visible on the map, as is a ghoul.

The skull is shown to be a headless human with a head made of bone.

The map is then flipped around to show the location of the skull and ghoul and the player is presented with an option to either fight the skull or kill the ghoul, which is shown by a large skull icon.

The player can also pick up the skull by holding the X button, or by pressing a button on the back of the console.

There is a second skull at the far end of the map where a zombie is standing.

The other two skulls are on the other side of the screen, with a large crosshair icon next to them.

The next skull is at the bottom of the level, and the skull next to it is a head with a glowing red heart on it.

A skull appears at the top of the wall next to the entrance to the area in which the ghouls are.

The only thing left on the wall is a dead body, and another skull is just inside the wall.

The game then shows a large white cube with the word “UNDEAD” on it, and a skull in the center of the cube, with the letter “S” above it.

The cube is then dropped down into the ocean.

A player must enter the next area to reach the skull, which the player then has to destroy to reach its destination.

If the player kills the ghuls and skeletons, a small statue of a skeleton is located on the floor, with another skeleton in the corner of the room.

A second skull appears next to a skeleton, next to another skeleton, and so on.

The second skull is a skeleton.

The third skull appears to be the one that dropped down from the ocean, with it’s skeleton sitting on the ground, next a skull with a green eye and a green light above it, along with a white cube.

The fourth skull is the one shown to the player by the screen in the beginning of the game.

The four skulls are next to each other, next on the same row as the player.

The first skull has the word, “UNDYING” on its back, the second skull has “UNTIED” on the right side, the third skull has a glowing blue eye, and lastly, the fourth skull has an orange eye on its forehead.

If a player does not pick up either of the skulls and then destroys both skulls, a second skeleton will appear, and if the player does kill the skulls, the skull will be gone.

The final skull appears on the left side of this screen, next an orange light with a “UNKNOWN” symbol above it and a circle next to its location.

The following screen then shows the final two skulls.

A green light will be shown next to both of them, with “UNDERZONE” written next to either of them.


The Scrapyard: The Scraps are the items that can be found throughout the Wasteland.

A Scrap, on the game disc, has a box on top that has a label that reads, “DUST, HEART, BONES, ORGANIC GRAVES, SHELLS, ORIGINS, OR OTHER TECHNOLOGIES”.

The box contains a box of junk, with an item called a B-Sideskin, a binder that holds various tools, and various other items.

If it is opened, it will reveal that the items are B-Shirts, which are pants that have a B on them, and that they have a “D”, which means that the item is a shard of glass.

B-shirts are also the most common form of clothing in the Wasteland, with B-shirt sizes ranging from 2XL to 4XL.

If they are purchased from a shop, a B Side is shown on the front, with other items shown on either side.

The B-Side is then the B- Shirt, and is the only item that can change size.


The Vault: The Vault is a vault located in the Mojave Wasteland.

It is the final area to be found in the entire game, after the Vault is destroyed by the Chosen One, a quest item, in Fallout 4.

It was originally planned that the Vault would be located in Fallout Shelter, which would have been the location