Why is Jade Simmons so hot?

A porn star who’s been called “the hottest porn star in America” by the New York Times has been accused of rape.

The allegation comes after a woman came forward and claimed she was raped by Jade Simons in August, the Times reported.

In a statement, the film producer said he was sorry to hear about the “painful” situation, according to the New Yorker.

In addition to being a film producer, Simons has appeared on the MTV reality show “The Real World” and starred in a short film titled “A Little Life,” which was released last year.

The Times article said Simmons “has been in the spotlight for years as a porn star with the likes of Reality Kings, Kink, and Playboy.

Her latest film, The Real World, was the subject of a critical review, and she is now the subject and target of a new lawsuit.”

“We’re saddened that the allegations made against Jade Simms are false and that the victim has decided to go public,” the producer told the Times.

“It’s clear to us that she has suffered and suffered in silence for many years.”

A spokesperson for the New Jersey state attorney general’s office told the paper the office has “no comment on the matter.”

“A spokesperson for New Jersey Attorney General Jim Condos did not immediately respond to a request for comment,” the Times said.

Simmons has appeared in dozens of adult films.

She has been married to boyfriend David “Dave” “Barry” Simons since 2005, the New Times reported, citing her publicist.

In 2014, the couple divorced.