‘We’re not done’: Harley Jades attorney accuses husband of ‘inappropriate behavior’

A California lawyer has accused her husband of sexual misconduct by sharing inappropriate pictures of themselves on Snapchat.

In a statement released by her lawyer, Lisa Smith said she had filed for divorce on Saturday.

The divorce document, obtained by The Associated Press, said that the estranged husband, Harley Jaded, was not present for the divorce court hearing and that he had been “inappropriate” in social media and texting with his wife, Jada Smith, in 2016.

The estranged wife also claimed that the divorce was for “unfair, improper, and retaliatory reasons.”

Smith said that she was disappointed in the divorce and said that her attorney, Michael Ritchie, would be making a statement to the media.

The lawyer for Harley Javeds estranged wife said he was not there.

He said that he did not know Jaded’s phone number or email address, but that she had shared her phone number with Jaded in the past.

“There is no basis to the allegations against her, and no reasonable grounds to believe that her husband is guilty of misconduct or wrongful conduct,” Ritchie’s statement said.

Jade Smith was a prominent model and actress before she became a model, actor and director.

She also starred in the hit series “The Hills” in the 1970s.

Jaded Smith’s estranged husband said that his wife was not a bad person.

Jades’ attorney, Ritchie said that Harley’s ex-husband did not have a valid social media account.