What you need to know about Jade Bratz

Jade Brantz, the “T-Mobile girl,” is back in the spotlight again.

The New York City native has been spotted at AT&T’s flagship store, the Verizon Wireless store in New York, during a recent event.

Bratz is wearing a T-Mobile shirt and has her phone out while being interviewed by a reporter for the outlet.

She’s apparently not the only T-Mo girl that’s been spotted in the store.

A T-mobile representative told me that they had no comment on Bratz’s appearance at the store, and that the retailer was not involved in the shoot.

A spokesperson for T-Mob said that they would not comment on the matter.

Brantz was recently the face of T-mobiles new marketing campaign.

She also recently appeared on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in an episode titled “Why I’m Leaving T-Mobiles.”