Why Amazon’s $13 million drone is the best thing to happen to robotics in 20 years

A few months ago, we got to see how Amazon’s unmanned drones could be used to deliver packages.

Now, the company is announcing that it’s making more.

This time, it’s using them to deliver groceries.

Last month, Amazon announced a $13.3 million investment in a startup called Rethink Robotics, which builds and sells robot packages.

Amazon’s new drone program is a big deal because it will help the world’s biggest retailer expand its deliveries business.

Amazon has been experimenting with drones since last year.

But the company has been limited by a lack of money, because its deliveries service is based on its AmazonFresh delivery service, which can only be done in cities where there are people who want to eat.

Amazon is only offering delivery to small cities, and those cities are not particularly convenient to the average American.

In cities like San Francisco and Seattle, for example, it would take several hours to get a delivery.

But the drone program was a big step forward for Amazon, which has struggled with logistics problems.

Last year, the online retailer announced a partnership with the US Postal Service to provide its delivery service in parts of the country that are hard to reach by car.

Last month, it announced that it had expanded its delivery program by buying out the Postal Service for $10 billion, putting it on a path to become the largest delivery company in the US.

But while the company says its drones will reduce the amount of time it takes to get your order delivered, they won’t eliminate the delivery time.

As the company notes in its announcement, the drones will also take longer to get to your door, and Amazon may have to take additional time to deliver the food, as it has to wait for the USPS to deliver it to you.

In order to make this move, Amazon is using an existing drone delivery service called Rythron, which it bought last year for $5 million.

Amazon has been testing its drone delivery system on the AmazonFresh service for several months, and the company estimates that the new service will provide up to 12 percent more delivery time, depending on the area.

Amazon says that the Rythrons drones will be able to deliver food in two to three hours.

That’s much faster than other drones available in the market.

But this is not an easy thing to achieve.

Amazon says that Rythrones can only take off from certain heights, and it has set up strict rules about where and when it can land drones.

And since Rythronics drones can only carry one package at a time, you’ll need to have a drone to pick up the package.

(Amazon does offer other packages that can be packed, but they are more expensive.)

Amazon’s drone delivery program will also have to be adapted to accommodate the delivery times of many cities.

The company has said that delivery times could be cut by as much as 50 percent in cities that are currently more congested, and that some areas could see deliveries take as long as two hours.

But Amazon is also looking at new delivery models that could help cut down on that delay.

In addition to being able to pick-up the packages, the new drone service also has to be able take off vertically, so that it can carry the packages to a building.

Amazon is using Rythones drones to deliver a few items for the first time, but the company hopes that it will soon expand its program to include other items like coffee and other food.

It will be the first retailer to use drones for delivery of food, which could make it easier for customers to shop and buy at the same time.