How to keep your cat indoors: Cats love the smell of roses

A petite Japanese house cat named Nina jade has been given a second chance after a viral video of her wandering into a house showed her enjoying the scent of roses in her fur.

The video sparked a Facebook community with many asking her to stay indoors for her own safety.

Ms Jade has since found a new home at the centre where she was raised in Japan.

“She’s had a very positive experience with the people here,” Ms Miho Okamoto, who runs the centre, told

“There are so many different species of cats and the people who are in charge here are really nice and understanding.”

But for Nina it was definitely the scent.

“The video of Nina wandering into the house in Japan, where she had been living since 2012, has since been viewed over 1 million times.”

I’ve been to this house before, and I love it,” she said.”

It’s just a little house in a very quiet part of the town, so it’s easy to see that it’s not the usual place.

“They’ve given me a new life and I’m really happy.”

The centre has seen a large number of cat videos since then.

“We’ve got about 40 to 50 videos that are uploaded every week,” Ms Okamoto said.”[Nina] has become quite a hit here.”

People have been talking about it for a long time and I think that’s the reason for it.

“Ms Okamoto and her team hope the video will encourage more cats to come to the centre.”

For us, it’s the first time we’ve had a cat that has been outside all day, and we’ve been looking for her,” Ms Jade said.

The centre currently houses more than 20 cats, which Ms Okawa said are usually kept in a smaller cage.

She said Nina’s experience at the Centre is an example of the importance of a good relationship between a cat and its owner.”

Nina’s been the one to really help me understand how much it means to me, to see her outside and being happy, and she’s really welcomed me into the community,” she added.”

So we’ve really got this wonderful relationship between the cat and the owner, and it’s so great to see it.

“Nina has also found a second home at her new home, in the form of a kitty-and-amphibian mix named Daisy.