Which Twitter user is the next Twitter user to get killed?

Twitter has become a target of violence on a daily basis, with multiple accounts of its users targeted and killed.

Many of the deaths have been linked to the company’s policy of not deleting abusive tweets.

Some users have been killed because of their posts on the platform.

On Tuesday, the company said it had “taken action” against two of the accounts it believes are behind the deaths.

In a statement, Twitter said that it “takes abuse of our platform extremely seriously.”

It added that it had started a “tough-on-abuse” campaign that includes “instilling the knowledge and skills” to deal with abusive behavior, including “the ability to flag the content we see as abusive.”

The statement also said it was “working to remove and permanently block accounts that repeatedly flag content as abusive,” though it did not provide a timeline for that.

The company also noted that it would continue to review its policies, adding that it was aware of “several accounts that were previously flagged.”

Twitter did not comment on the number of accounts it had verified as being responsible for the death of one user, but the company has been known to suspend accounts of a relatively small number of users.