What you need to know about the new Jade weber: ‘An artful, beautiful, sensual story of two women’

Jade Weber’s first full-length solo album, The Dawning, came out in August.

A month later, she released the follow-up, The Fall, which is currently on sale.

The two albums were the most successful she’s released since the late 1990s.

Now Weber is back with her second full-album, The Drowned, and her first collaboration with a female artist: the band Jaden Springer, whose debut album, Summertime, is out on September 16.

We caught up with Weber about the songs on both albums and how the relationship with Springer has affected the music industry in general.

What did you know about Jaden?

I’m just a huge fan of his music.

I think he’s a fantastic artist.

I was very fortunate to meet him in 2010, and we became friends immediately.

I’m very proud of the fact that we worked on the album together.

It was an incredibly emotional experience.

What inspired you to create a solo album?

The first time I heard The Dawnings was in the early ’90s, and it was the first time that I really had a sense of who this person was.

It wasn’t like a very formal record.

I actually had to write a few songs that I had never done before.

It’s a very intimate record, and I think it’s a great record.

Did you write them as a collaborative project, or did you write some of them separately?

It’s been a long time since I worked with anyone.

It took a lot of time, and a lot is still unknown.

The songs on the record are all done separately, and the fact we’re both solo artists, and there are two of us, it really helped me to find myself in this space.

It helped me understand what I needed to do in order to achieve the things that I wanted to achieve.

What were you listening to in the studio at the time?

My music was coming from a place of exploration.

I had no idea what was going to happen in the future.

I didn’t know how to write music for a touring band.

I don’t think I was aware of how to do this kind of stuff.

The Dawninges music was really interesting, and then the second album was really different from anything else I’ve ever done.

It had a kind of dreamy sound, but there were moments where I felt like there was something in there that was very personal to me.

What is the relationship between you and Jaden and how has the relationship affected the record?

I think this is one of those relationships that’s very special, because we have a great deal in common.

We both are incredibly passionate about our music, and that’s where we connect most closely.

There’s a mutual understanding between us that is so powerful.

The Daughters of Jaden, which you’re working on now, is an album that was inspired by Springer’s debut album.

Was that a conscious choice?

It was not a conscious decision to do a Jaden springer album.

Jaden is very specific about the direction he wants to take his music, as opposed to me doing anything that is more of a generic thing.

I wanted something more personal.

The album is definitely more focused on the themes of love and longing and longing for a relationship, but at the same time it’s very accessible.

There are moments where you can really feel that Jaden’s songwriting is coming out of a place that’s really hard for him to find.

How has the work of working with Springers been different from writing solo albums?

The work is a little bit more personal for me.

I have a very good working relationship with the guys, and with Jaden.

It has been a very personal experience for me, because I’m a really private person.

It feels like I’m working with someone who has a very real and deep connection with them, and who is also very comfortable and very comfortable in his own skin.

You guys have collaborated with the likes of Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj.

How did you learn about the relationship and how important it is to have two women on the same project?

It has always been important to us to be true to the artist, but the fact is that there are some artists who are very different from what they are.

They can be very successful without having a female presence, and they can be extremely successful without women on their albums.

We wanted to create an album of songs that were both about love and hope, which were also accessible to both men and women.

That was a really important part of what we were trying to do.

Are there any other female artists that you admire working with?

Jaden (of Jaden Smith nude) has an incredibly powerful voice.

I admire his ability to convey something in a way that people will