When Jade Kush Gets Her Own Restaurant

Jade Kush, the Brazilian model who was crowned Miss Universe in 2015, will open her own restaurant in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Hollywood on May 31, according to TMZ.

Jade, who’s the daughter of rapper Jay-Z, was previously rumored to be looking to open her first location in the Los Angeles area, but TMZ claims she will be the first to do so.

The Los Angeles Times says she’s looking to sell her business at a valuation of $500 million, which is a bit higher than the $1.5 billion she previously had.

Jace’s restaurant will feature an indoor space with live music, a bar and a yoga studio.

The restaurant will also have a spa, fitness center and “a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a full menu of dishes inspired by her Brazilian roots,” according to the report.

Jades location will be located in a residential neighborhood that is “close to LAX,” according the Times.