How much does the Jade Garden cost in Seattle?

The Jade Garden, a new $2 billion, mixed-use, luxury residential complex in the heart of Seattle, is slated to be completed in 2021.

The new building, designed by renowned architect and Seattle architect James A. Smith, will feature a 200-room, 5.5-acre indoor and outdoor garden that will be home to a collection of luxury villas, shops, restaurants and retail.

The Jade Garden is the latest of many residential developments in the Seattle region that are set to bring new life to the city’s most popular and popular shopping destination.

The area is currently home to several luxury apartment buildings.

James Smith, the architect of the new Jade Garden at Seattle’s Olympic Park, said the project was designed to attract people who want to live in the city, while also providing affordable housing for the area’s low-income residents.

“I think that’s a very important thing,” Smith said of affordable housing.

Smith said he wanted to create an urban landscape that “looks very much like Seattle.

There are a lot of people who live in Seattle.

It looks very similar to Seattle, but we’ve got a lot more people.”

Smith said the Jade Gardens will have a “luxury feel,” and will include a “garden” and “golf course” for residents to enjoy a leisurely walk or a “shopping experience.”

Smith has been designing luxury apartment developments in Seattle for nearly 30 years, including the Seattle Central Tower, which was completed in 2009.

The project is expected to be the second-largest residential project in Seattle in terms of area, according to a press release from the developer.

The Jade Gardens are expected to generate more than $30 million in private investment over the next two years, according the release.

Located in the Olympic Park at the intersection of Olympic Way and Fourth Avenue, the Jade Tower project will feature four residential towers, a hotel, shopping, dining, restaurants, residential and a mixed-used residential community.

The project will include 2.8 million square feet of office space, nearly 3,000 hotel rooms, a large fitness center and a pool, according a press-release.

The new Jade Tower is scheduled to open by 2021.

It is expected that construction on the Jade gardens will begin sometime in 2021 and finish by 2025.

Jade Tower is set to be Seattle’s tallest residential project to date, at approximately 1,450 feet (500 meters) high.

It will include 1,500 apartments, 1,000 condos, 1 million square yards of retail space and a community park, according construction documents.