How to play Jade Hsu’s Jade roller in the AFL – video

Jade Hsuse, a talented forward from China who played four games for Melbourne in 2015, is an elite athlete with the ability to take players out of position and create space in the forward line.

Jade roller is a way for Hsu to create space, as he is often tasked with taking players off their feet and into his own end of the ground.

Hsu has played his share of footy in China, and this is an important skill to master in the country.

He has made it clear that he wants to take more AFL matches overseas, but he wants it to be with Melbourne.

Jade rollers can also be used as a weapon against the opposition, with Hsus use of them to gain possession.

Hsue is an incredible skipper, and has been on a run of great form for the Tigers.

Hsiue is currently leading the Tigers in the ladder table, and is a dangerous weapon in defence.

Watch Jade Hsiu roller on Jade roller.

Watch Jade Hsyu roller in action against the Gold Coast Suns.

Jade Hshuse’s Jigsaw Jigsaw is a highly effective weapon against opposing defenders, and can be used to gain the ball, gain position and disrupt the game.

Hsuse’s Jade Roller is also highly effective against other defenders, as it can create space and allow the forward to run through the middle of the field and create scoring opportunities.

Jade roller is also a great weapon against attacking forwards, as Hsuses speed and quickness allows him to run past defenders and gain the advantage.

This is another important skill for the team to learn in order to win.

Hsyus game plan is to try and disrupt as many games as possible, and Hsusing Jigsaw can be a weapon to do just that.

The Tigers are currently ranked 12th in the competition.

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