Jaden Smith now in a Jada Pinkett movie

A new trailer for Jaden and Jada Smith’s upcoming movie Jada’s Wild, which opens in theaters July 29, has been released.

The trailer features some of the film’s key plot points.

The plotline focuses on Jada and her brother Dada (also known as Jaden) trying to find a way to save their father (played by Jaden himself) from a plague outbreak.

Jaden’s storyline begins with him traveling to a remote area of New Zealand to investigate the disappearance of a young woman named Yvette.

While there, he meets a young man named Jack who has a crush on him.

As the plot progresses, Jack is drawn to Jaden, but he quickly turns his attention to Yvette and soon becomes jealous of his newfound attention.

While he is away from his family, Jaden is visited by a mysterious woman named Kaya (who was played by actress Jessica Walter).

Kaya helps Jaden with his mission and the two eventually discover the truth about the plague outbreak and the mysterious woman’s whereabouts.

While Jaden works with his fellow survivors, he begins to question his past, and discovers that he is in fact part of a conspiracy involving a group of mysterious men, including a man who is also the father of Yvette’s brother Duda (played, of course, by Jada himself).

It’s unclear at this point what exactly happens to Jada, but fans will definitely want to watch the movie to see if he survives.

The plot of the movie has been previously reported to have been a collaboration between Jaden (who has previously worked with Jada on his own movie, the movie You Don’t Know Me), and director and producer Jada Pryce.

The movie is set in the late 19th century, which would make sense as a setting for the events of the new movie.

Jada previously worked on the television series How I Met Your Mother, and Jaden was also recently cast in the new HBO series How to Get Away With Murder.

The trailer has already generated a lot of buzz and is already garnering a lot more attention than it originally did.

If you want to see more Jaden movies, you can check out the trailer right here.

You can also see the trailer in all its glory below: