Why Jade Hassoun is not a Muslim, writes Jordan Peterson

The man who was once dubbed the “Muslim Barbie” is no longer a Muslim.

A new biography has emerged from Jordan Peterson, a leading anti-Islam activist who has claimed that Islam is “the most violent ideology in human history.”

In the new biography, titled The End of Islam, Peterson argues that Islam has destroyed Western civilization because of its “sins” and “despicable teachings” and its “fundamentalism” and that Muslims should be forced to “choose” to abandon Islam and embrace Christianity, Judaism, and other non-Muslim religions.

“We are not a religion that has the right to impose its own set of values on others, as some people have claimed,” Peterson wrote in a statement to MSNBC.

“That is the same kind of thing the Nazis did with Jews, or the KKK did with blacks.

They imposed their own set on others and destroyed their own communities.

We are not an exclusive group that can dictate how others live their lives.

We have a right to live as we wish, as we choose.” 

Peterson’s new book, The End Of Islam, is titled After America, After Europe, after Islam.

It is due out in April, and the book will be available on Amazon and other online retailers. 

The new book by the anti-Islamic, anti-Christian, anti-“Islamophobe” author is not the first time Peterson has made claims that Islam isn’t a religion, nor is it the first book Peterson has written.

In 2014, Peterson, who is a Muslim American, told the New York Times that “Muslims are not religious.

They are not even religious.”

Peterson also said in 2015 that he believed Islam to be “the greatest threat to the United States” because of the “insidious” nature of Islam. 

Peterson is a self-proclaimed scholar who has published numerous books on Islam, including Islamophobia, Islamophobia: The Hidden History, and Islamophobia II.

The latest book, however, is the first to claim that Islam “is the most violent religion in human civilization” and the “most violent ideology” in history.

In the book, Peterson said Muslims should not be forced “to choose” between Islam and Christianity, and that “all other religions have a moral obligation to fight for what they believe in.” 

“As the founder of the Jihad Watch website, I have seen firsthand the atrocities of Islamic terrorists who use Islam as a justification for their heinous crimes against innocent civilians,” Peterson said in a press release announcing the book.

“In my new book Islam: The End, I hope to give a voice to Muslims and Muslims around the world who will speak out against Islam’s continued reign of terror and hatred.

I also hope to help to expose the lies, lies, and distortions peddled by the left and their allies in the media, academia, and government.” 

Peterson has previously written books, such as The End Is Near: The Case for Secularism, Islam and the New World Order, The Bigger Picture: The Muslim Worldview, and How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Peterson is the author of the best-selling book, Islam, and Its Enemies: How the West’s New World Government Is Failing the World, which he says “has helped us understand that Islam’s goal is to take over the world and destroy everything that stands in its way.”