Which one of the three female Australian senators is the least feminist?

Updated January 05, 2020 07:53:13Jade Pettyjohn is an Australian Senator, she has been on the Senate frontbench for almost four years, but she is now the most outspoken feminist in Australian politics.

The 26-year-old is one of three female senators, along with the Greens’ James Shaw and the independent Cathy McGowan, who are part of a new generation of female politicians.

Pettyjohn has written on gender equality in politics for years and she is the first woman to serve on the High Court.

She has recently been an advocate for the plight of Indigenous women, and for the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls.

Pettyman said she is an advocate not just for women, but for all Australians.

“I don’t just think of myself as a woman, but the issue of gender equality and equality for all people,” she said.

“If you look at the people who are representing us, they’re women and we’re not the only ones.”

She said the way she has dealt with her gender issues has not only made her a stronger advocate, but has also given her a more “emotional connection” with other women in politics.

“In the workplace I am the only female at my job, in politics I’m the only woman, I’m part of the female caucus and I’m in my own caucus, so I’ve been very fortunate,” she told the ABC’s Four Corners program.

“It’s really important to me that other women understand what I’ve experienced and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”

When the ABC asked her about the gender issues, she said it is important to understand the issues behind her politics.

“I’ve got a lot of experience in the workplace and I’ve done quite a lot, so when people ask me what I think about politics, I always say that I’m a strong feminist, but also a strong advocate, and a passionate advocate,” she added.

“We need more women to be able to stand up and be heard and stand up for what they believe in.”

Pettejohn is one the women in the Senate who is not afraid to get involved with politics.

She told the program that she is not averse to the role of government.

She is also not afraid of being judged on her gender, which has led her to be criticised for her gender in Parliament.

“When I was first elected, I wasn’t necessarily the most popular senator.

I’m not the most liked senator, but that didn’t mean I was a bad person,” she explained.”

People would say, ‘I think she’s got a problem, she’s being too feminine, she is a bit of a tomboy’, but that wasn’t really what I was concerned about, I was very focused on what I could do for Australia.”

PettyJohn is currently in the final year of her first term as a senator, and is hoping to win another term in the House of Representatives.