Jada Pinkett’s Mom: My Daughter Jade Helm’s Role in My Life

I am Jada, a 6-year-old American girl who has been on Jade Helm 15, a simulation exercise designed to simulate a potential attack on a US city. 

Jade Helm 15 is being conducted by private security firm Blackwater, which has been in the news for its controversial work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jade is one of hundreds of children who have participated in the exercise, which involves sending messages across the world, to warn of possible attacks by hostile forces.

The drill is designed to give the public a better idea of how to prepare for a possible attack.

It involves sending out over 1,000 messages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Jada was one of the first kids to take part in the drill.

She tweeted her thoughts about the exercise on October 11, tweeting, “Just got home from training.

I woke up at 6am to be at the military base, watching drill.

I have a feeling I will be on that day.”

The exercises are not designed to cause any direct harm to the public, but rather to help the public prepare for what is expected to be a very real threat, according to a spokesperson for Blackwater.

Blackwater, a private military contractor, was founded in 2009 by ex-CIA operative Erik Prince, a billionaire who also owns the private military firm Blackstone.

Prince, who has previously made controversial statements about America, including calling the government an “oppressive regime”, is also the founder of Blackwater Security Group.

Blackwater hired a private security company in 2013 to conduct the drills.

A spokeswoman for Blackstone declined to comment on the company’s relationship with the military firm, which is owned by Prince.

Blackstone has a long history of controversial dealings with private security contractors.

In 2016, the firm paid a $4 million fine for failing to report $1.3 billion in profit from Blackwater’s military contracting operations, and in 2018, Blackwater was ordered to pay $1 million to the government of Colombia for paying $50,000 in bribes to military officials.

“Blackwater’s business model has been an embarrassment to its customers and the United States government for many years,” said a spokesperson from the company.

“We are committed to working with the government and the US Department of Justice to resolve the issues raised by this matter.”

Blackstone did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In August, The Associated Press reported that a former Blackwater employee who worked as an intelligence analyst for the company said the company was “very concerned” about the risks posed by the drill exercise.

“It was very concerning to me,” said David Fergus, a former intelligence analyst who was hired by Blackwater in 2012 to analyze potential threats to the US.

Fergus also said Blackwater is not planning to take the drills off the shelves.

“The training is not for sale,” he said.

It was the second time that Blackwater has been caught violating the law since Trump took office.

In December, the company fired an employee who leaked confidential information about the training exercise to the Associated Press. 

In 2016 Blackwater also failed to properly report $200 million in profit for its military contracting activities.

In January, the Pentagon fined Blackwater $2.4 million for failing, on a $10 million basis, to adequately report on profits from its work in Afghanistan and Iraq.