Why is Jade Chen, Jade Buddha Pendant missing?

A necklace with a picture of Jade Chen and her mother, Jade, missing.

A necklace that was left behind when Jade Chen died.

An old wedding ring that was missing from a wedding. 

The couple’s daughter, Jade Chen , was last seen in late April when her parents were preparing for a vacation.

Her parents were in the Bahamas and Jade Chen’s family members had recently returned from the Bahamas. 

A few weeks later, Jade’s mother, Amy Chen, went missing from her home in New York City.

She had been on a trip to Europe with her boyfriend, Nick, when they were last seen.

The New York Police Department, which leads the investigation into Amy Chen’s disappearance, has since launched a major search for her. 

In May, the New York State Police announced that they had identified the remains of Amy Chen as the missing person’s mother.

Amy Chen’s body was found near the New Jersey shoreline in a canal in March.

Amy Chen had been wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

The remains were found in an area of the canal that was close to a boat landing area and a pier.

Police said Amy Chen was the only missing person in the region of the Bahamas where Amy Chen lived.

Amy was also last seen at a hotel near her parents’ house on April 18. 

Authorities said they believe Amy Chen is in New Jersey at this time and they will continue to investigate her disappearance.

Amy was last heard from on May 1. 

“It’s not a normal death.

It’s very unusual,” said Nassau County Police Lt.

Mike DiPietro, who heads the Nassau Sheriff’s Department’s Missing Persons Unit.

“We don’t have any information as to what her cause of death was.

But it’s still an active investigation.”