How to make an ‘anti-establishment’ political film about Trump, Bernie Sanders

A political documentary about the 2016 presidential election has opened in New York City, where President-elect Donald Trump won the state by a margin of nearly 2 million votes.

The documentary, “Anti-Trump: The Inside Story,” by actor Adam Baldwin and producer Brian Kelleher is due to premiere Dec. 10 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

The film is set in 2020, a year after Trump was elected, and focuses on how Trump’s populist policies impacted the state and the country.

It also looks at the anti-Trump movement in New Jersey and Vermont, where Vermont senator Bernie Sanders ran against Trump in 2016.

Baldwin and Kellehers said the film will include a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

It is a first for an American political documentary, the producers said.

The movie will have no politics, the filmmakers said.

It will explore how the populist movement, especially in the U.S., changed the political landscape in the states, which have been divided for decades.