New iPhones and Android devices feature Android support for Google Now

A new feature of Google Now, which launched in the iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro, allows users to add Android devices to their home screens.

The new feature is called Android Apps for Google and is similar to the feature found on Android phones and tablets.

It allows users of the Google Now service to add third-party Android apps to their homescreens and lets users switch between them on the fly.

Android Apps can be found in the Google Store, the App Store, and the Google Play Store.

Users can also install them from the Google web interface or through the Google app store.

The feature has already been added to the Google Search app.

Users also can search for and install apps on Android, and they can download and install them directly from Google.

Android apps can also be installed and activated on Apple devices through the Apple Developer Program, as well.

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets, with nearly a quarter of the global smartphone market.

The app store is home to more than 600,000 apps and devices.

Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the major Android app publishers.

Users are able to add new apps to Google Now by selecting an app from the top menu, selecting “Apps,” and selecting “Add to Home Screen.”

A third-parties Google app for Google Assistant is also available.

Users on iOS and Android can also search for the Google Assistant.

Users that are on Android can see their Google account balance, which shows the amount of time that the Google account is active and how much money is currently spent on Google services.

The service can also automatically update the Google Account when it’s in use, and it has built-in security features.

Google is still working on the features for Android, which will eventually include the ability to sync and share contacts, contacts, and calendar events.