How to talk to women about rape and assault at work

On the first day of training for the next round of female leadership in the Trump administration, Fox News host and former presidential candidate Jessica Fox asked former President Donald Trump a question she knew to be one of the most uncomfortable: “What is the difference between a rape and a sex crime?”

After a brief pause, Trump answered: “A sex crime is a sexual act.”

Fox’s co-host, Megyn Kelly, then asked, “Is it rape when someone has a sexual relationship with someone and it is consensual?”

When Trump responded: “Yes,” Fox immediately cut her off.

She continued to say, “But is it rape if the sexual act involves someone being incapacitated or if the person is incapacitated by alcohol or drugs?”

“You know what?

I think that’s a very serious question, Megy,” Trump said.

“And that’s why I’m a strong advocate of the word rape.”

Fox then asked him, “So if someone is incapacitating someone, they’re not in a position to consent?”

“No, but it is a very dangerous thing,” Trump responded.

“Because if you have someone incapacitated and you can’t get them up on their feet and walk again, you know, that’s very dangerous.

So I think it is very dangerous.”

When Fox asked him what the difference is between rape and sex crimes, Trump again said that he “really don’t know.”

He then told Kelly, “I don’t think I have a clear answer, Meghan.”

When Kelly asked if Trump would be in favor of a federal law that would make sex crimes like rape illegal, Trump said, “Well, that would be a great idea.”

After she cut him off, he told her, “Thank you, Meagan.”