jade Harley-Janes gifs win jada kiss a gold medal

Jada Kiss won gold in the rowing event at the World Rowing Championships.

She beat the defending Olympic champion Jolie Harley-James to win the gold medal.

The winning rowing girl is Jada Harley-Jones, a 22-year-old from Adelaide.

Jada was the only Australian competing in the event.

The medal was handed out in the final moments of the final session.

The gold was handed to Harley-janes’ team-mate Jolie for her victory.

The rowing world record holder has been a champion since she started rowing in her teens, but she has never won an Olympic title.

The women’s rowing gold was the third in a row for Harley-Smith and her coach, Jada Stevens.

The team had been battling to a draw at the start of the race.

The final row, which was tied at 3-3, was a tight battle between Harley-Shires team and the women’s team.

The bronze medal came from Australia’s Victoria Daley, who finished with a time of 3:42.50.

In the women`s final, the roiling, furious race saw Victoria Dale win the first gold of her Olympic career, taking the overall gold with a 4:27.50 time.

The world record for the women was set by the British woman Anna-Jane Gogol, who won gold with 3:39.60.

In her first Olympics, Harley-Knight was a surprise medal-winner in the men`s 400m medley in the 4x400m relay.

The woman who won bronze in the 400m, Australian-born Sydney Olympian Jara Miller, had a long way to go to win a medal in Rio.

Miller was a member of Harley-Sheikhs team, the first Australian Olympian to win an Olympic medal in rowing.