Which of these three will be Jade Helm 15’s biggest surprise?

Jade Helm is going to be the biggest shock in military history.

In the last few years, there have been some spectacularly good military exercises.

But what has been most interesting to me is the level of anticipation and the level at which people are taking part.

Jade Helm has been around since 2011, and its been a constant since then.

The US is preparing for a major war, with the possibility of a nuclear conflict with China.

The idea that we’re not going to see any of these drills for months, or years, is pretty astonishing.

There are no plans for a new drill in the near future.

And it’s not just that we are now seeing it in a much more public form.

The Pentagon has put out a press release this week that is pretty much everything you could hope for: “Jade Helm 15: America’s most anticipated military exercise is set to take place on April 16th and 17th.”

The statement is accompanied by a list of key elements, including: “The Jade Helm military exercises will include simulated military drills and exercises simulating combat in a wide range of conditions, including a variety of scenarios that will allow participants to practice the use of tactical assets and techniques that will be vital in the event of conflict.”

It also goes on to note that the US military is preparing to deploy some “new technologies” and “new systems to enhance capabilities and prepare for future events.”

In other words, Jade Helm, which will be one of the biggest exercises in the history of US military, will be designed to be used to prepare for the possibility that a nuclear war could erupt.

The most significant thing about this press release is that it says this “all new technology” is going into the drills and “the training of personnel” for a potential nuclear conflict.

And that is the most surprising thing about the press release.

A lot of people assume that if a war breaks out, the military will have some kind of nuclear deterrent.

Well, the Pentagon has made clear that it is going all out to prepare to defend against a possible nuclear attack.

The statement doesn’t say anything about whether the drills are going to include nuclear weapons.

And I am not sure what the Pentagon’s intentions are.

The question is: Will they be prepared for a nuclear attack?

And if so, will they be ready to use nuclear weapons in a military exercise?

The Pentagon says it will be ready “to provide support for contingency planning and other actions” in the case of a possible war with China, and that it will provide “strategic warning, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.”

But it has yet to confirm that the drills will include nuclear-armed aircraft, tanks, and even the possibility for nuclear-tipped drones to attack US targets.

So it is hard to know if the military is prepared to take any risks, including nuclear, in a war with the US.

But we do know that there are preparations being made.

And in the past, when there has been a war, the United States has prepared.

There has been plenty of preparation for major military events.

The last time there was a war between the US and the USSR was the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In response, the US conducted a nuclear weapons test, deployed more than 500 nuclear warheads, and conducted more than 150,000 simulated nuclear attacks.

It also had a major nuclear attack against Japan in 1952.

The United States also had to prepare after Pearl Harbor, the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, and the invasion of Vietnam.

And we did all of this in a way that we did not allow for war, and it was a very careful response.

So the US was prepared.

The thing is, we were prepared to handle any threat.

The military will not tolerate a nuclear-weapon attack.

It will respond with force.

But the fact that we don’t see any plans for this is just really startling.

It means that the military may not be ready.

This is going on for years, and we don