Jade Weber is on her way to Disney World

Jade Weber’s arrival at Disney World is a surprise, and it’s not entirely unexpected.

The actress, who’s coming off a breakout role in the upcoming The Mummy reboot, will join the company’s lineup of guest attractions for the park.

The new attraction is a ride that will be on the Disney Cruise Line, which was announced a couple of weeks ago and is currently set to debut sometime this summer.

The ride, titled Jade Weber’s Diamond Princess, will be a “classic Disney princess ride,” according to Disney.

The attraction will include “a breathtakingly animated set” that will allow guests to “fly through a jungle with dinosaurs, go on a boat with dinosaurs and ride dinosaurs on a pirate ship.

You’ll also get to “visit Disney’s newest ride,” a “fairytale pirate castle” that is “a magical ride that’s also a thrilling adventure.”

It will also feature “some of the world’s best Disney princesses,” including Daisy Ridley, who will join Weber on board as “a princess who’s always ready to be the princess, no matter what.”

Weber will appear as the voice of Princess Jasmine in the attraction.

The Diamond Princess will be available for $10, and the park is also adding the ride to their lineup of attractions, with the first two additions coming later this summer, with more to follow.

Watch a trailer for Jade Weber and Disney’s Diamond Pirates: Pirates of the Caribbean: Rise of the Three Kings, which is set to premiere at Disney Springs in the spring.

The park is launching a line of merchandise in the near future, too, with an official line of jewelry and other Disney merchandise coming soon.